It was announced today that Rhea Perlman will be filling the role of Ma Castellano on The Mindy Project this season.

Rhea Perlman is perhaps best-known for her role of Carla on Cheers.

Carla had a dead-beat husband on Cheers. His photo is the second one in the post.

Look familiar to anyone? Deadbeat husband is played by none other than Dan Hedaya AKA our very own Alan Castellano.

In summation, THIS CASTING IS TOO PERFECT FOR WORDS. Well done, once again, Mindy Project.

[Thanks again to evensnarkiersara for bringing this to my attention. My mind is blown.]



“But she became Gabby’s friend in that way that can happen, because the girl with the cool boots always finds the girl with the occasional slash of pink in her hair. The two of them like a pair of exotic birds dipping over the school’s water fountains—you knew they would find each other.”

—Megan Abbott, The Fever